An Outstanding Wine’s Secret Lies Within its Name

Our wine line Don Luis Cetto Selección Reservada borns as a homage to the visionary entrepreneur Don Luis Agustin Cetto and his +70 years of trajectory on the winery art.

An elegant, powerfull and authentic wine line. Represents the perfect balance between the classic tradition and the modern era. Coming from a ripe vine with aromatic complexity that reveals the charming of wisely cultived strains. 

The historic vineyards specially selected for our Don Luis wine line located in the Viña Alegre, El Encinal and Las Bellotas ranchs within Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California are +50 years old and they’ve been able to concieve a high quality aromatic and tasteful intensity.

Their terroir are located within N32 06, W116 31 coordinates of the World northern strip of wine. 15 km from the coast and 350 altitude meters over the sea.

With alluvial soils composed by 50% sand, 35% decomposed granite and 10% clayey silt. The Cetto family has always seeked to have a classic traditional production with a custom and intensive care of the clusters from its planting to its harvesting.

Our Don Luis Seleccion Reservada line consist on two Blends and two Monovarietals.


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An Outstanding Wine’s Secret Lies Within its Name


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