Chenin Blanc

White Wine, San Antonio Las Minas, Baja California, México.

  • Varietal: Chenin blanc.
  • Varietal Origin: Loire Valley, France.
  • Vineyard area: San Antonio de las Minas.
  • Vineyard Age: 18-25 years
  • Production: Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature.
  • Barrel: None
  • Aging: None
  • Service Temperature: 8°C

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Nice straw yellow color, transparent, clean and bright.
  • Aroma: Fresh pineapple, guava, apple and pear aromas with hints of honey.
  • Taste: Very pleasant to palate, slightly sweet in balance with its acidity, which makes it fresh.


  • As an appetizer with fresh cheeses, salads, Hawaiian chicken, some desserts such as quince paste with cheese.

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